At i2E, we are proud of our clients who are thinking of ways to innovate.
Here are few of Oklahoma’s startups who are doing some interesting things in our state.

Aevus Precision Diagnostics is focused on developing an innovative tool to help physicians select and prescribe drugs on an individualized basis to patients with Type 2 Diabetes (T2D) and cardiovascular disease (CVD).  Their test, known as PrecisionRx, takes a number of factors into consideration and uses machine learning algorithms to rank drugs according to predicted patient compliance and effectiveness for each unique patient.  PrecisionRx is currently in development, with a primary focus on T2D.

During their client engagement with i2E that began in August 2018, i2E has worked with the company to better understand their market.  As a result, Aevus has since pivoted from pharmacogenomics to a more feasible market adoption strategy.

In February 2020, the company was awarded a $102K TBFP award to finalize their early product development and to build an initial algorithm for use in a 5000-patient study.  i2E is excited to continue its work with Aevus as it approaches product launch.

Read more about the founders here.

Omega 3 Beef LLC (O3B) is commercializing a patented invention that selects a particular type of microalgae to be used as a cattle feed supplement.  The microalgae naturally contain very high levels of omega-3s which the cattle naturally deposit in their muscles, providing great tasting beef with the same healthy omega-3s like are found in ocean fish such as salmon.

Consumers are seeking ways to get more omega-3s in their diets naturally. 95% of Americans eat beef. By eating Omega3Beef the public does not have to change their buying or eating habits to have a healthier life.  The heart-healthy Omega3Beef offsets the unhealthy aspect of the saturated fat in beef which may increase the consumer’s lifespan, and provide other health benefits, while not compromising on taste.

An i2E client since July 2020, i2E is currently providing commercialization support to allow O3B to identify and hit specific milestones to grow company value.

Read more about the founders here.