e3, our startup success series designed to evaluate, equip and empower entrepreneurs, has gone virtual for its 30th cohort this week.  e3 is the most robust program of its kind in the central United States, with more than 150 companies testing their concepts over the past five years. Prior cohorts have included seasoned founders as well as first-time entrepreneurs, all of whom received valuable guidance from e3.   

“The insights gained from their team of experienced professionals saves time, provides clarity of focus, and connects founders with the knowledge and resources needed to maximize the potential for success.”
                     – Johnathan Torkelson, Virtuoso Software

Previously known as the Venture Assessment Program, e3 explores the product/market fit of a new concept and helps existing businesses scale and better define their customer and markets. 

To continue this valuable learning experience for Oklahoma’s startups during this challenging time, e3 will deliver its content online with i2E staff videos on essential startup topics, Zoom group discussion meetings and one-on-one coaching calls with i2E’s startup experts.

The program condenses into a 6-week program an invaluable process that could take a business 6 months or more to complete on its own.  e3 requires true commitment from participants and provides entrepreneurs with validation of the company’s place in the market, a recommendation report with immediate next steps, and a plan for reaching its long-term potential.

If you are looking to start or grow your high-growth business and would like to find out more about e3, visit www.i2e.org/e3.