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BIO in Oklahoma

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From Ardmore to Stillwater and Tulsa, Oklahoma’s rapidly growing bioscience sector is emerging as one of the key economic forces in the state. With more than 500 bioscience-related businesses and organizations, the total economic impact of biosciences is more than $6.7 billion.

Oklahoma is fertile ground for bioscience growth, talent and premier facilities:

  • The Oklahoma Center for the Advancement of Science and Technology (OCAST) has funded 2,700 projects at more than $294 million, attracting $6.5 billion in private sector and federal dollars for a return on investment of 22:1.
  • The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center is dedicated to both basic and translational research, with patient-centered care and research ongoing at the Stephenson Cancer Center, the Harold Hamm Diabetes Center and the Dean McGee Eye Institute.
  • The University Research Park is part of the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center campus located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The complex consists of more than 700,000 square feet of modern biomedical research lab and office space supported by state-of-the-art communications and infrastructure systems.
  • The Noble Research Institute is the largest private foundation in the country conducting plant science and agriculture research. The Noble Research Institute offers no-cost consultation and education to farmers, ranchers and land managers, and educates students of all ages about science and agriculture. 
  • Oklahoma State University has leading expertise in biological and chemical processes with basic and applied researchers in areas ranging from pediatric psychology to respiratory infectious diseases. Multiple researchers across many departments and colleges are also focusing R&D efforts on developing and enhancing drug delivery methods in both humans and animals.
  • One of OKC’s newest districts, the Innovation District, houses internationally-acclaimed research and technology professionals, representing nearly 18,000 jobs in the 832-acre area east of downtown Oklahoma City and south of the State Capitol. 
  • In the past year, i2E, Inc. invested over $2.57 million in 5 Oklahoma bioscience or life science companies and $26 million over the past 20 years.

Oklahoma bioscience impact:

  • The biosciences sector includes hospitals, non-hospital bioscience firms and bioscience academic R&D
  • The biosciences generate an estimated $227 million in state and local taxes as a result of its direct and indirect employment
  • Firms in the bioscience sector have annual revenues of $4.1 billion
  • Greater Oklahoma City’s bioscience sector employs 27,800 workers with total employee compensation of $1.5 billion
  • The combined direct and indirect impacts associated with the bioscience sector contribute $6.7 billion in total economic activity to the region, and support 51,000 jobs earning $2.2 billion in wages

Bioscience in Oklahoma truly is driving innovation that is improving lives and creating jobs! Here is a look at some of our emerging bio companies:

  • Ascend BioVentures is a pharmaceutical accelerator that guides promising drug candidates through the riskiest, early stages of development. ABV helps identify innovative and transformative therapeutics and works to efficiently launch companies focused on preclinical drug development.
  • Linear Health Sciences is a medtech startup working on new safety release valve technology for medical tubing. Its Orchid valve will help reduce central lines, provide more efficient IV setups, and decrease risk of dislodgment — saving hospitals money and time by avoiding additional procedures. They are the first to receive a grant from the Global Center for Medical Innovation (GCMI), a comprehensive medical device innovation center.
  • Moleculera Labs is a pioneer in infection-induced autoimmune conditions that disrupt neurologic function. The company currently markets next-generation antibody tests that detect whether an autoimmune reaction is causing neurologic or psychiatric symptoms.
  • Cytovance Biologics, Inc. is a pharmaceutical contract manufacturer producing biologics, therapeutic proteins and antibodies. The company employs more than 200, and their products are used globally for clinical trials and research.
  • Immuno Mycologics is listed as one of Inc.’s fastest-growing private companies in the nation. IMMY is a diagnostic manufacturing company that has evolved from a company that filled a need in the infectious disease market to an organization with a global focus on saving lives through innovative products.
  • Sensulin is developing a true once-a-day glucose responsive insulin that may mimic a healthy human pancreas. Sensulin may eliminate the need for basal & prandial insulin, offer a substantial improvement in the standard of care, and most importantly give those with diabetes a chance at a normal life.
  • Progentec Diagnostics, Inc. has developed an advanced state-of-the-art Lupus flare diagnostic, which has potential to fundamentally change the current treatment paradigm for Lupus.  The company has partnered with the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation, a Center of Excellence for Lupus in the US and they are striving to accelerate commercialization of the patented diagnostic technology.
  • Biolytx is a pharmaceutical technology company developing a novel antibiotic peptide for potential use in wound healing and treatment of serious hospital-acquired infections, including those resistant to current antibiotics. The technology was developed in the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center laboratory of Dr. Anne Pereira and licensed from OU.
  • Tetherex Pharmaceuticals, a clinical-stage drug development company, was formed to develop novel first-in-class therapeutics targeting cell adhesion proteins in thrombotic, inflammatory and oncologic diseases.

Our research institutions demonstrate excellence in select areas of human, plant and animal science, with strong emphasis in:

  • Agricultural productivity
  • Autoimmune diseases and Immunology
  • Biofuels
  • Cancer
  • Cardiovascular Research
  • Glycobiology and Carbohydrates
  • Infectious Disease and Microbiology
  • Natural Products for Health
  • Plant Improvement
  • Value-Added Food Product
  • Vision Research
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