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The mission of the Oklahoma Bioscience Association is to promote the growth of biosciences and life science in Oklahoma through partnership building, education and outreach, networking, policy development and publicity.


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A Vision for the Future

The Oklahoma BioScience Association, a 501(c)(3) corporation, was incorporated in the spring of 2008. OKBio was created in response to a study originally commissioned by the Greater Oklahoma City Chamber.

In 2004, the Greater Oklahoma City Chamber formed a Regional Bioscience Strategy Steering Committee to develop a vision for the region’s bioscience future and a road map outlining strategies and actions for achieving it.

A Statewide Focus

Recognizing that the potential for bioscience and life science growth encompassed the entire state, one of the report’s key recommendations was to create a statewide association to provide a focal point and driver for the state’s diverse and growing bioscience and life science community.


OKBio is the voice for Oklahoma’s dynamic and diverse bioscience and life science community. In collaboration with partners statewide, OKBio works to:

  • Build Oklahoma’s image as an emerging leader in biosciences and life sciences
  • Foster productive bioscience and life science networks and partnerships
  • Provide education and information on topics both timely and relevant to the bioscience and life science community
  • Enhance Oklahoma’s bioscience and life science research and business climate
  • Educate elected officials and the public about the importance of supporting biosciences and life sciences in building our economy and improving our quality of life
  • Facilitate access to investment capital
  • Develop entrepreneurial bioscience and life science talent and a skilled workforce
  • Build a bioscience and life science-friendly business climate

2021 i&E Magazine BIO Edition

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Featured Article

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Latest Oklahoma Biosciences News

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Interested in Joining OKBio?

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To begin the process, please complete the application linked below.

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