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Fostering the Entrepreneurial Spirit

Oklahoma has embraced the entrepreneurial spirit throughout its history.  i2E partners with chambers, business associations, universities, foundations, and local and state government to help our citizens tap their entrepreneurial potential through knowledge and networks.  i2E provides several programs aimed toward strengthening talent and enhancing skill sets to develop more serial entrepreneurs.

This annual collegiate business plan competition is funded by Love’s Travel Stops and sponsors from throughout the state of Oklahoma.  The Love’s Cup is designed to encourage students of Oklahoma universities and colleges to act upon their ideas and talents in order to
entrepreneurs-cup-trophyproduce tomorrow’s entrepreneurs.

Students involved in the competition gain access to networks of successful entrepreneurs, lenders and investors, plus gain team-building opportunities, business planning skills, and media exposure. One of the goals of the competition is to encourage the development and commercialization of ideas and technologies being discovered in Oklahoma’s universities.

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We all recognize that know-how is most effective when combined with know-whom. Our events provide an environment for entrepreneurs, investors, researchers and other professionals to come together for information on a specific topic or to just expand their business network.

See our calendar of events for current activities.

i2E developed the Entrepreneurs-in-Residence Series in an effort to provide Oklahoma entrepreneurs with the most current and relevant tools for start up success. This lecture and advisory series is delivered by a cadre of nationally recognized experts possessing unique experience as entrepreneurs, investors and authors who will deliver meaningful and actionable content to our clients.

The Entrepreneurial Summit is an annual entrepreneurial event featuring a national keynote speaker, lessons learned from a panel of local entrepreneurs who will share their successes and failures and the strategies that worked and those that didn’t. It concludes with a networking luncheon with entrepreneurial college students who will be participating simultaneously in the annual Who Wants to be an Entrepreneur workshop.

Who wants to be an Entrepreneur Workshop is a free one-day workshop is open to all college-level entrepreneurs, students and faculty members. Participants learn the key elements involved in starting a business, including how to write a business plan; what investors are looking for in an entrepreneur; and how to successfully present a plan to investors.

i2E keeps the entrepreneurial community informed through our publication i&E Magazine and you can follow us on social media.

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Let's Work Together

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To start the process of possibly becoming a client, please complete this on-line inquiry.

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