Advance Research Chemicals, Inc. offers basic and advanced chemical applications and services in a wide array of industries including military defense,?semiconductors, battery materials, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, automotive components, textiles, agricultural solutions, surfactants and industrial cleaners.

Analytical testing laboratory that provides innovative methodologies for greater flexibility and higher throughput for data collection needs.

Oklahoma City

Anastasia Marie Labs, Inc. specializes in over-the-counter diabetic skin treatment products.

Arthrokinex is a comprehensive joint health program that can reduce or eliminate joint pain from osteoarthritis through the healing powers of the patient’s own blood without complications.

Astellas is an international pharmaceutical company intensely focused on five key therapeutic areas: cardiology, dermatology, immunology, infectious disease, and urology.

AstraZeneca is a global innovation-driven biopharmaceutical company specializing in the discovery, development, manufacturing and marketing of prescription medicines that make a meaningful difference in healthcare.

Biolytx Pharmaceuticals develops a novel antibiotic peptide for use in treatment of serious hospital-acquired infections, including those resistant to current antibiotics.

Cassion Biotech has developed a bio-superior drug delivery system, HEPylation ? System, which uses a patented composition designed to improve the performance of many powerful drug compounds in terms of safety, tolerability, efficacy, and quality.

Charlesson is an ocular pharmaceutical company that is developing therapeutics for various eye diseases, including wet and dry Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD), Diabetic Retinopathy (DR), and Uveitis.

Choncept?s scientific innovation is focused on development of new technology to produce chondroitin from fermentation of recombinant bacteria to replace the current chondroitin source of beef and other animal by-products.

COARE Biotechnology is a research driven pharmaceutical company dedicated to developing novel therapeutic agents designed to treat solid tumor cancers.

Cosmetic Specialty Labs is skilled in developing high end, prestige skin care products, as well as custom formulated over the counter drugs.

Cytovance? Biologics adds significant value to biopharmaceutical development programs assisting companies to advance recombinant protein, antibody and cell-based therapeutic products rapidly and cost-effectively from the laboratory bench, through clinical development and to commercial launch in international markets.

DermaMedics is a skin care company that specializies in the discovery of technologies for the dermatology market.

DormaTarg, Inc is a biotechnology company researching and developing therapeutic drugs for cancer recurrence prevention.

Oklahoma City

Ecolab Inc. (Ecolab) develops and markets products and services for the hospitality, foodservice, healthcare and industrial markets.

Oklahoma City

EpimedX, LLC is a biotechnology company that was founded in 2011 with the mission to develop Gene Regulation Therapy? ? a promising technology that is expected to provide a safe, cost-effective, and permanent treatment for sickle cell disease, beta-thalassemia, and malaria without dangerous or harmful side effects.

GG Companies develops a powerful arthritis rub, a topical herbal gel used to soothe painful areas.

Heparinex is a biotechnology company focused on the development of novel recombinant synthesis of heparinoid compounds for various markets including anticoagulation, biomaterials, and cellular modulation applications.

Oklahoma City

Hyalose specializes in Hyaluronic Acid production and application. The Emergent Technologies Inc. ?Sugar Companies? offer innovative technologies for producing Hyaluronic Acid, heparosan, and chondroitin in a reproducible and safe manner for a variety of medical and aesthetic uses. Hyalose was formed to commercialize unique recombinant technologies for producing Hyaluronic Acid, an important biomolecule for many healthcare and cosmetic applications.

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