RTASCo uses patented technologies that offer economical solutions to remediate and clean-up a wide-variety of fuel spills, oil spills, and other organic hydrocarbon spills from hard surfaces, soils, and water.

Bio-Cide International, Inc.?is the leading manufacturer of Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide and Acidified Sodium Chlorite sanitizers and disinfectants.

OCIA is designated by Oklahoma State University as the seed certifying agency for the State of Oklahoma in accordance with the Oklahoma Seed Laws.

Oklahoma City

Environmental Testing, Inc. (ETI) is a full service petroleum testing laboratory which adheres to ASTM methods and delivers analysis for a wide range of petroleum products.

VF Canna is hoping to revitalize the canna lily industry by offering guaranteed virus-free canna lilies on the market. The canna lily virus has infected nearly all of the canna lily crops in many countries including the U.S., but VF Canna is using the latest scientific advancements to ensure that our canna are virus-free.

Tallgrass Solutions provides services in the following areas: erosion control, custom seeding and hydromulching, wetlands and riparian plantings, and vegetarian management.

bugRIGHT is the organic non-toxic pest repellent that is safe for people, animals, and the environment.

CP Kelco is a leading producer of specialty hydrocolloids with key product lines such as Gellan Gum, Pectin, Cellulose Gum, Xanthan Gum, Carrageenan, Carboxymethyl Cellulose and Microparticulated Whey Protein Concentrate, as well as other unique biopolymers.

Oklahoma City

QuanTem is a nationally accredited environmental laboratory specializing in the analyses of asbestos, bacteria, lead and mold.

BioPolymer Industries services the needs of various segments of the erosion control market that can utilize water soluble polymer technology.

Fort Environmental Laboratories is an environmental toxicology laboratory and consulting firm specializing in study of amphibians, reptiles, and fish.

Setenv is an evironmental services company that provides environmentally friendly spill clean up. Setenv serves a variety of industries including chemical, pharmaceutical, disposal factories, and universities.

The mission of the Grazinglands Research Laboratory is to develop and deliver improved technologies, management strategies, and strategic and tactical planning tools.

Johnson Agronomics’ goal is to help farmers produce?economical and environmentally sound crops. Johnson Agronomics engages in soil analysis, irrigation scheduling, study of insects, entomology study, and plant pathology.

Orbitek offers multiple feedstock flexibility. Orbitek’s Three- Phase Biodiesel Production Solution is capable of taking even the most degraded feedstock and converting it into ASTM quality biodiesel fuel.

Poole Chemical Company was established to sell various liquid and dry fertilizer products, and will help you choose and use the right combination of agricultural products to improve yeilds and profit quickly.

Helena’s core strength is our commitment to provide customers with efficient delivery of products and services that help increase productivity, enhance crop yields, and provide reliable product performance.

Oklahoma Genetics, Inc. is a nonprofit 501(c) (5) corporation that assembles in an organized manner as a group of interested and capable seed enterprises to promote stewardship and publicize and market the use of improved genetics, traits, and benefits of quality Pedigreed seed and vegetatively propagated materials.

Crystal Laboratory has been supplying pollens and powdered allergens to customers in and out of the United States for over 25 years. Crystal Laboratory carries thousands of different raw allergenic products in inventory, including pollens, molds, foods and epidermals.

The Noble Foundation is an independent, nonprofit institute conducting plant science research and agricultural programs to enhance agricultural productivity. Founded in 1945 by Lloyd Noble, the Noble Foundation?s early efforts focused on educating and encouraging area farmers and ranchers to practice land stewardship and resource conservation.

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